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50 Years
of Fresh

1966 - 2016

Fresh From Sun-Soaked Southern Alberta

Ten Southern Alberta families with a shared passion for growing the freshest produce founded the RedHat Co-operative in 1966. Since then, we've grown from a handful of greenhouses to over 150 acres on the sun-soaked Alberta prairies. Our passion still drives our relentless innovation to grow the freshest produce.

Our Growers

Meet Some of our Growers

We've grown to include over 35 families and 150 acres of greenhouses. Many of the founding families still grow with us today.


Jeff & Michelle Stigter

Tomatoes On-The-Vine

Jeff is a fourth generation grower who operates a greenhouse that has been in his family for over 100 years.


Keith Vis

Cucumbers & Mini Cucumbers

Keith fell in love with growing at a young age in his parents greenhouse and he's now taking over the family business.


Ben & Brennan Veurink

Cucumbers & Bell Peppers

Ben and his son Brennan own and operate one of the first greenhouses to start growing year round.


The Cramer Family

Cucumbers & Mini Cucumbers

Ryan grew up working in his parent's greenhouse. He and his family now own & operate their own greenhouse.

Fresh off the Vine

  • Natural Pollination With Bees

    April 11,2016

    Bees are a Tomato Grower's best friend. Unlike Cucumbers and Peppers, Tomatoes must be pollinated in order to grow to full size. In the early...

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  • Donations to Prairie Gleaners Reduce Food Waste

    March 21,2016

    We've been a proud partner of Prairie Gleaners for nearly ten years. Prairie Gleaners collects misshapen or discoloured produce that doesn't meet the...

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  • Mini Cucumbers: From the Vine to Your Table

    March 21,2016

    Many people ask us about our secret to such fresh produce. It all starts with our greenhouses, under the sunniest skies in Canada. There, our...

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  • RedHat Announces Launch of Organic Produce Line

    March 11,2016

    We're pleased to announce the launch of our new line of Alberta Grown, Certified Organic produce. Prairie Harvest Organic Long English Cucumbers and...

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  • Butter Lettuce: From Seedling to Shelf

    January 19,2014

    Meet Corneleous. He's one of our Butter Lettuce growers. In this short video, Corneleous shares our hydroponic process for growing the freshest...

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